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CPIP Update: Igloo Backgrounds

Club Penguin is going to something really cool but I will take time to get used to. There are making igloo backgrounds. Sweet huh? Here is a picture:

So… what do you think?


PS: New music video coming this week. It is going to be Mighty to Save by Hillsong.

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Protected: PFNA Mission One Release Date

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Rockhopper and New Sports Catalog

Yay! Rockhopper came! I love his ship – its awesome. Its the same, but I am just saying…

He brought a nuch of items… but 3 of the 5 are old… :( (I only had one of the 3 old ones though!)

This is what he brough:

And of course, the sports catalog. Now there is a lot if new stuff. If you buy the soccer ball, wear nothing with it and dance, it will look like you are moonwalking. Use the cheat to do special dances without wearing it from the chetas page and it will look like you are moonwalking – but the soccer ball wont be there! :D

This is the sports catalog:

And of course there is the surfboard hidden item:


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New Newspaper

Sorry for such late posting, I had some connection problems.

Well, here we go.

The new newspaper is out today. Now I have been aware of Rockhopper’s approach, I just didn’t post about it. Anyway, he is coming tomorrow and there is a new sports catalog. I have a funeral to go to at about 6:00 AM PST (9:00 AM my time) but I wake up early for big stuff like this. If I get up at 4:00 AM PST (7:00 AM my time) I may be able to do a quick post. If I get up any earlier, I will definatly have time to post. So let me get down to the post! :D

This is the front cover:

And here is the page about the earthquakes:

The gift shop has apparently been saved, well, at least I think. The entire Town Center (not just the Town) has returned to normal. Here is a picture of the Town now that it is back to normal:

Club Penguin has returned to normal… but For the PFNA… All may not be safe…

This is the next page I will show:

I can’t wait to see the items he brought. I had no idea the Snow Cannon 3000 was deigned too prevent that from happening. All I know is that it was used in many funny pictures. (I have a bunch of ones I kept and just posted)

And here is the Upcoming Events page:

So check the Sports Shop’s Snow and Sports catalog tomorrow for an update. Also, check the beach to get on the Migrator to get the items. I can’t wait.

Also, I have a surprise coming soon. Everyone check out the CP Superhero Teams page for now. I will putting up a new date. These battles will be filmed. ;) And put on youtube as well!

Well, thats all for now!


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Penguins Gone Mad!

Hey! It’s me – Fire 104! You may have been to the site “Penguins Gone Mad”, but probably not. We need alot more people to come to that site! And also, add the site to your blogroll and everything! It only have 900 views! We need much much more! If you do, we will add you to it’s blogroll! The web address to it is: If your wonder what Penguins Gone Mad is, it’s a group blog that me, Powerflare, and lots others work on! Doesn’t sound too exciting? Well than listen to this! :) It’s going through PGMIP (Penguins Gone Mad Improvement Project), and is almost finished! So the site is really good! And there are about 3 news features still to come to the site! :D

~Fire 104

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New Mission

There is a new mission today. Here is a video by Watex.

Here is Watex’s very helpful guide.

So all the credit goes to Watex.


PS: I might write my own guide.

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Win Stuff

Fire 104 has just let me do my own Win Stuff page so enjoy it!

The party is tonight! (6:30)


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